London Escorts – The Off-Street Sex Industry

London boasts one of the world’s thriving escort markets, drawing wealthy men from around the globe in search of English escorts. One in 29 Londoners are millionaires according to Spears magazine and WealthInsight; making London an ideal location for models seeking to offer clients exciting erotica experiences.

London offers numerous options for escort services, from in-call and out-call sessions, solo and duo sessions, roleplaying services and massage services to massage, erotica teases and role playing as nurse or maid roles. London escorts are well trained professionals willing to cater to any fantasy you can conjure up!

Off-street sex industry often gets overlooked in discussions of prostitution. This may be partly because police find it difficult to document evidence, while many pimps and traffickers don’t want to meet investigators due to fear or busyness issues; but interviews with women who have worked in the industry uncover numerous shocking truths about its operation.

Many women are drawn into prostitution through false promises of large sums of money and secure sex, only to endure long hours and brutal treatment by their pimps. Some are beaten, lost their homes or were fired – leaving them more exposed to being kidnapped and abused again by other pimps.

A small group of sex workers recently created a trade association to try to change how things operate within their industry. Its members have called upon government action by offering amnesty from arrest and fines for workers involved with sexual exploitation; decriminalising sexual work; ending benefits sanctions which force women out of employment into poverty; as well as banning ads advertising sexual exploitation in local papers.

Unfortunately, not enough is known about this trade; however, changes can be made. One such way is through films like ‘Sex Worker’ which feature real testimonies from those evicted during Soho police raids of 2013. Actresses were then used to reenact these women’s testimony and trials.

Though this documentary is excellent, it would have been even more effective had its female subjects been allowed to keep the earnings they earned from clients as a means to cover legal fees and other expenses. Furthermore, this film raises awareness of exploitation among sex workers; both online and DVD versions are available. This film has received several awards and nominations; an absolute must see!