What to Know Before Hiring an Escort in Peru

Lima, Peru’s capital city, boasts an iconic historic center recognized as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Lima also boasts numerous clubs, bars and restaurants that provide live music performances, dancing lessons and cocktails as well as adult-oriented entertainment including kinesiologas en peru for some extra excitement!


Even though prostitution is legal in Peru, some women with few other options make their living as sex workers known as “bricheros”. Their clients provide them with clothing, shoes, cosmetics, health and beauty treatments, restaurant visits, apartments or money to help break out of poverty. It is essential when hiring such workers that you know the rules and regulations applicable to this profession in Peru.

Prostitution has a long history in Peru, dating back to pre-Columbian times when Inca rulers selected indigenous women known as acllas for ritualistic and sexual services. Prostitution became even more widespread during Spanish colonial rule due to limited economic opportunities; today sex work remains pervasive throughout society with government attempts at regulation being met with only limited success; unfortunately this results in many workers becoming exploited by employers or being driven into this profession out of necessity.

Even though many people take an open approach to sexuality, Peruvian culture tends to be more traditional with regards to gender roles. Because of this, men should act respectfully when interacting with Peruvian girls and keep an open line of communication with their girlfriends to avoid any miscommunication or conflicting feelings between themselves and the woman in question. Furthermore, aggressive language or becoming overly dramatic during interactions should also be avoided when engaging in relationships with women.

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